Your Tuesday Briefing – The New York Times

Russia increases attacks on civilian areas Officially, Russia’s military has paused its drive to seize Ukrainian territory. But in recent days it has stepped up its haphazard attacks on civilian areas, with strikes delivered by warplanes, artillery and missiles. Residents and Ukrainian soldiers alike have been terrified, maimed and killed by the strikes. Ukrainian officials … Read more

The Google One-Star Review Scam Targeting Restaurants

In a new scam targeting restaurants, criminals are leaving negative ratings on restaurants’ Google pages as a bargaining chip to extort digital gift cards. Restaurateurs from San Francisco to New York, many from establishments with Michelin stars, said in recent days that they’ve received a blitz of one-star ratings on Google, with no description or … Read more

The Fight Over Truth Also Has a Red State, Blue State Divide

To fight disinformation, California lawmakers are advancing a bill that would force social media companies to divulge their process for removing false, hateful or extremist material from their platforms. Texas lawmakers, by contrast, want to ban the largest of the companies — Facebook, Twitter and YouTube — from removing posts because of political points of … Read more