Does Twitch Fame Have to Come With a Stalker?

Twitch is not unaware of the threats. A Twitch spokeswoman said the company planned in the coming months to livestream a session that will educate streamers about real-world risks. In recent years, it has increased its efforts to build safety into the platform, said Mr. Verrilli, the head of product. He noted, for example, a … Read more

Amazon to Acquire One Medical Clinics in $39 Billion Deal

While individual patient records are generally protected under federal health privacy laws, the big data expertise that has fueled Amazon’s success can be powerful in health care — for predicting costs, targeting interventions and developing products and treatments, said Dr. Aaron Neinstein, a digital health expert at the University of California, San Francisco and a … Read more

The Google One-Star Review Scam Targeting Restaurants

In a new scam targeting restaurants, criminals are leaving negative ratings on restaurants’ Google pages as a bargaining chip to extort digital gift cards. Restaurateurs from San Francisco to New York, many from establishments with Michelin stars, said in recent days that they’ve received a blitz of one-star ratings on Google, with no description or … Read more